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Short story time! A translation should be coming to a theatre LJ near you, uh, sometime in the next few days. Because I am lazy, yes. Anyway, for all that I spent ages writing it (I only wrote it during school, at a rate of like, 500 meager words per week, lol), I'm sort of fond of this one, especially because I hadn't allowed myself to sound so mexican in my writing in, oh, ages. Also present is my blantant love for repetition, haha.

Original - 2373 palabras
Cuando logran escaparse, la capota del convertible del ’84 abajo y 200 mil dólares en billetes chicos en el asiento trasero, parece casi mentira.

Lara se ríe, no ha dejado de reírse desde que salieron a carretera. Se suelta el pelo y dice A poco no parezco estrella de Hollywood, y Daniel la besa, una mano en la nuca y manejando a la suerte. )
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It's finally apocalypse day! And with it comes the large fic of doom! :D Okay, now we're playing a game. It's called 'guess which XMM mutants are Ale's favorite!' You only get one chance. Aaaand, go. It's weird, though - I've only seen X-3 once, and have been trying to forget it ever happened since, and with all the comics I've been reading all summer long, I spent a long time trying to remember canon, lol. At one point I included Genosha and then had to cut it out, and the same with Pietro and Wanda, haha.

Seriously, I had a great time writing this, and this is truly one of the most entertaining ficathons ever. :DDD

Title: Migratory Birds
Word Count: 11,426
Fandom: Supernatural/X-Men Movieverse crossover
Summary: When the end comes, one brother is on one side, and the other on the opposite.
Author Notes: Betaed by the awesome [ profile] mellafe and [ profile] amchara, written for [ profile] kellifer_fic in the occasion of [ profile] apocalyptothon. Sort of AU-ish for SPN, post X-3 for X-Men.

I was going to do upload some end-of-days themed songs, but Muxtape decided to get in trouble with the RIAA right this day, lol.

Sam’s powers manifest when he’s ten, when he tears half the house down. )
Music:: The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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As if my obsession with this movie couldn't be more obvious. HA. I couldn't resist the angst, though, because I am, well, me.

Title: Grease-stained
Word Count: 4600
Fandom/pairing: Iron Man, Tony/Pepper
Summary: This is what being Iron Man is.
Author Notes: Movieverse. Betaed by the wondeful [ profile] nomelon. Writing this has convinced of what a scary place Tony's head must be. To which I say: AWESOME. :D

Sometimes, he thinks he relates better to machines than people. )
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Ah, homework. It is slaying me. ;___;

I should know better than posting on a Sunday, but I really like this and I want to share it already, hee.

Title: Blindfold
Word Count: 3689
Fandom: The Boondock Saints
Pairing: Connor/Murphy
Summary: Life on the road, life with their father, life with blood on their hands.
Author Notes: In case you've never seen the movie but want to read anyway: Basically, it's about a pair of Irish fraternal twins that drink a lot, smoke a lot, and believe they're on a mission from God to slay evil men. All while touching each other, also a lot. :D :D

I listened to these two songs (one from the soundtrack, one not) on repeat while writing this. You should, too. :)

They tend to each other’s bruises, each other’s wounds, wincing under the flickering light bulb of this month’s, this week’s, this day’s motel bathroom, sitting on the toilet with the twin in turn standing up in front of him. )
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SPN tonight, YAY!! So excited, guys. And meanwhile, here, some Bones fic to tide us all over until we get the uber cute episode of cute on Monday! YAY AGAIN. This isn't really the fic I set out to write (I was going for short and artsy), but in the end I think it suits the show better. So, this might be the start of a wonderful career in Bones fic writing? Not sure, but let's hope so. :D

Title: Lines (Make Me Want to Cross Them)
Word Count: 4375
Pairing: Booth/Brennan
Summary: When it happens, like it was supposed to because there has always been a certain degree of inevitability with them, it happens like this.
Author Notes: Betaed by [ profile] sasha_davidovna, slight spoilers for 3x09 - Santa in the Slush.

When she was still in school, long before the Jeffersonian and Booth and trips around the world in search of corpses that wouldn’t abandon her like the living did, she couldn’t touch anyone without thinking of the bones beneath their skin. )
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What is this, me posting SPN in Who Day? *gasp* But it is for a good reason! Because today is SPECIAL, people.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] crooked!!!
You're one of my oldest, best lj friends, and you've no idea how
awesome and wonderful and important you are for me. HAVE A WONDERFUL
DAY, DARLING! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
And here, have a present. :3 I sneakily tried for YOU to give me
the prompt, but you didn't catch on. TSK TSK, GIRL.

Title: Find Me in the Dark
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Amnesia fic, baby.
Author Notes: Written for the awesomecakes [ profile] crooked in honor of her birthday. ♥ I posted somewhat of a survey asking what was my flist's favorite spn cliche. Bodyswap won, so I wrote amnesia fic. Because I'm weird like that. Um.

When you wake up, you have a name stuck on your throat. Dean, you say out loud, while lying on a bed you don’t recognize and staring up at a moldy ceiling you can’t place )
Music:: MGMT - Electric Feel
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Injustice of injustices - I got a ticket! Just outside my house, what the fuck, traffic officers never come this way! ;____;

Weeell I hadn't written something this twisted in a long time. o_O It was nice, though. Also, I like this dude. He's got quite a lot of potential as Stock Creepy Character. Hmm.

Look Into the Mirror
Original - 1600 words
It basically is about a very twisted kid that travels on time and makes out with himself. Yeah.

Everything starts when he brings his cat back to life. )
Music:: Zoé - Vía Láctea
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I started shaping this up in my head in English, and then I realized it and went 'no, no, bad brain, bad!' I will translate it, but I have to quit writing in English by default - it's bad enough that I use English grammar in dialogue already. *headdesk*

Anyway I liiiike this. So twisted and weird.

Mírate en el espejo
Original - 1577 palabras
Básicamente trata de un tipo bastante enfermo que viaja en el tiempo y termina besandose a si mismo. Er.

Todo empieza cuando resucita a su gato. )
Music:: Zoé - Espiral
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Just after I wrote about not being able to write anything, it all just started flowing. No, I don't get my brain either. o_O

Two of a Kind
Original - 1620 words
A girl, a boy, a lake and a morbid lifestyle.
AN: Like I promised, weird and experimental. I have to admit I'm sort of in love with this, though. Written with the prompts: 38, deep waters, run-down buildings, and the world burning down.

She likes to sit on the pier’s wooden planks, knees hugged close to her body and staring at the deep water. She can’t see the bottom, only darker water after dark water, and it makes her shudder. )
Music:: Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks


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