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Game of Thrones 2x03 - What Is Dead May Never Die: )

Also, I finally watched Captain America! Oh STEEEVE. OH PEGGYYYY. ♥ They were adorable. For a period movie, it was oddly sci-fi-y, and the resolution was a bit awkward, but overall I quite liked it, and it got me well and pumped up for the Avengers.

Steve's so young in this, though, oh baby. I'm used to comics!Cap, with more than a decade of leading the avengers, and he looks so tender and lost in this. Aw. As much as I liked the actress playing Peggy I really hope they won't go and turn her into Sharon Carter, because I always found that beyond creepy in the comics. If Sharon comes along, make her a bit different at least. It WAS sort of hilarious that time they just drew a Sharon look alike, and to mark that Peggy was fighting with the French resistence, all they did was draw a beret on her head, lol. Instant Frenchness!
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So I managed to convince the boy to watch an episode of Game of Thrones. I'm not quite sure but I think he's already finished the first series? After like two days, lol. this morning he texted saying 'good morning khaleesi'. Am ridiculously proud.

I'll make a nerd out of him yet. *wipes single tear*

Anyway, I went to the tiny town my grandad comes from with my parents for the holy days. I usually don't go anywhere near my grandparents around Good Friday because it means going to church a bazillion times and not eating meat and all that blah stuff, but we lucked out and we weren't made to go to mass at all! SCORE. And I got to eat LOTS (and lots and lots, ugh) and I got to laugh a bit at the low-rent via crucis they put up, in which the romans had hard hats painted gold and all that marked Mary Magdalene was a giant pair of hoop earrings.

Also, there was a story in yesterday's paper titled: JESUS OF NAZARETH GETS STABBED IN ZAPOPAN. In one of those fortitous events that are strangely hilarious, a dude called Jesús de Nazaret (I KNOW RITE) got lightly stabbed by his wife on holy Thursday. It wasn't serious, but, I mean. What are the chances, right?

On the way to said tiny town with questionable easter parades (including KKK-like hoods during the march of silence, Spain-style), a van in front of us dropped some giant cushions in the motorway and one of them exploded under our car and cloth and foam or cotton or whatever the hell they put inside coated every single bit of the insides, so we had to get a tow back home today. Almost three hours with the arm rest digging into my side, as we all had to forcibly fit inside the tow cabin. ugh.
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HBO Latinamerica just showed the last two episodes of Games of Thrones back to back in a finale party. Because I'm lame, I hadn't seen them before, so I took the chance.

Jesus, this series. That was so, so fucking stunning and brilliant and wonderfully done and the ending of Baelor hurt, even knowing what happened and I'm so, so proud of little Sansa and heartbroken for all of the Starks and more spoilers! )
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Spoilery cast speculation for Game of Thrones! You mean I'll have to finally find Stannis interesting now? He'd be PERFECT, though. I hope the planets align!

In other news, I'm settling ok into my job. I've mostly done little and/or long tedious stuff that my boss can't be arsed to do, but we're also presenting the first propositions of new logo to a client tomorrow, so I've been doing some actual designing as well. There was DRAMA today because apparently three years ago someone changed the information for the service directory for the Mexican Holiday Inn hotels and said there were LATEX PILLOWS (Latex pillows, jesus, what the fuck) and now they have to reprint who knows how many thousand pages and ship them all over the country.

Designer ~drama~ you guys, it is funny.
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Game of Thrones 1x08 - The Pointy End

Great episode, pretty much straight from the book, not surprising as GRRM wrote it. LOVE TO ALL THE STARKS. HATE TO ALL THE LANNISTERS. (Except for Tyrion). EVEN MORE LOVE TO THE STARK PUPPIES. Dany was badass. That was still such a disturbing scene though. Robb is starting to get interesting, the more you know. Shit is going down, yo, Spoilers! ) And I'm so, SO glad that Shagga, Son of Dolf, he who rips out manhoods and feeds them to goats, made it into the show. HI SHAGGA.
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I wholeheartedly approve of the show's mission in making Lancel as ridiculous as possible. LOL LANCEL.

Halfway through the episode now, can't wait for the titular spoiler! :DDDD

ETA: Oh man, but that was good. Favorite episode so far, no doubt. DANY, oh man. And Ned the detective hijinks! And Tyrion being smarter than everyone! And Renly! And Arya and her dancing teacher! ASLDFJASJDF. NEEDED MOAR SUMMER THOUGH.
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One of my cousins is hooked on Game of Thrones! And it's not even the geeky one that fangirls HP, Narnia and Merlin, but her sister who fangirls Gossip Girl! WELL DONE SHOW, WELL DONE YOU. If I could, I'd pat your back.

Her favorite's Dany, because, and I quote, 'she started out as 'yeah, step over me, it's ok' and now she's yelling at her brother what terrible things will happen if he ever touches her again and getting all powerful!' And that is why we all love Dany. ♥

My parents are hooked as well! My mom was really confused about who is who and kept asking questions, but they're still watching! So yay. :)
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I’ve sort of blocked this episode from my mind (the only one in Eleven’s era), so my first thought was: OMG AMY AND THE DOCTOR IN ALT!LONDON! I wonder if they still have royals over there. Maybe Over There the Queen is gone and King Charles is a dictator or something! AND MARTHA IS PART OF THE FRINGE DIVISION, OF COURSE.

So I haven't talked about shows because I'm tired and I have a headache BUT:

DOCTOR WHO, DAY OF THE MOON: liked it, was tricky, and a bit terrifying, and RORY'S STUPID FACE, OMG. I love how the show decieved us because no, it was Amy/Rory all along, the romance for the stories. Saying that I do love Amy/Doctor though. And Rory/Amy/Doctor, because yum. AND RIVER/DOCTOR. Because omg the FLIRTING. Also, this left us with a lot of questions. HUH.

FRINGE, 3X21: Liked it, Peter was weird and random apparently for no reason? That person that bowls was good, and Olivia, LIKE ALWAYS, was fantastic. Kudos to Astrid on this episode, she was lovely. There was also SPOILERY but cool stuff with thunder and evil ancient machines and stuff. NEXT WEEK WILL BE CRAZY.

GAME OF THRONES, LORD SNOW: Liked, it NEEDS MORE EPIC MUSIC THOUGH. Like, The Fountain kind of epic. Or LotR, I'll settle for LotR. Arya was ♥ Tyrion, UNSURPRISINGLY, is the funniest person in Westeros. Hell, even across the Narrow Sea. He's still the funniest. And Jon is the angsties, and WHERE IS GHOST GODDAMNIT.
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I approve of the puppies! And the intrigue. But you could always do with some more puppies!

Game of Thrones 1x02 )


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