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Yesterday’s Mexico match was crazy tense. One of my coworkers is the most football obsessed person I’ve ever met, and he seemed close to a goddamn heart attack. The memes about Saint Memo of the Goal were the best part though.

There’s now a second dog at work now! DOGGIES. They spend their days rough housing and chasing each other and rolling around in dirt and puddles. It’s so awesome.

Currently reading The Song of Achilles. I swear, this woman has to be writing fic somewhere out there. Probably about her own book. AWESOME. Seriously though, it does have the same sort of cadence as good fic in current fandom does, and I would not be surprised at all to find out she’s somewhere out there on the AO3. So, yeah, the book is all right so far. I do wish it was less coy with the sex scenes though…

Even though I don’t usually do the meme, it’s Wednesday, so:
What I just read: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, which was pretty good, though it had some rough patches, and it had the potential to be great, which wasn’t quite fulfilled. Basically, it had such a cool plot, tarnished by the boring white dudes chosen to be narrator and villain.
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I finally got to see Captain America, I loved it and can't wait to go watch it again! Natasha wins everything, and the expected Steve/Bucky reunion didn’t disappoint, and then oh, my heart, that last scene after the credits! So pumped up for fic now :D

I read Divergent on Sunday, because despite knowing that I tend to be disappointed by YA*, I saw the trailer and was interested. I mean, it was all right, but I get tired of the first person ‘oh i’m such a special snowflake’ narrative. Show, don’t tell. But really there’s such a huge suspension of disbelief with these dystopias - there’s no way that people would allow the systematic murder of their children on tv for almost a century, or that people would split themselves into who likes being friends and who likes to get piercings. That’s not how the real world works. The Handmaiden’s Tale, for example, is also quite hard to believe being allowed to happen (although it’s sadly more possible), but of course Margaret Atwood is Margaret Atwood and at least within the novel it feels very plausible in a visceral way.

I was - or still am, I supposed - reading the Veronica Mars novel, but out of nowhere, BAM, Mexican cartels. I see enough of that shit in real life, thanks, so I’ve sort of put it down for now. Veronica Mars just works better as a visual medium, anyway.

*It’s not so much the genre or the weird trends, but the dry writing and easy plots that usually let me down. They’re teenagers, not dumb. They can stand some pretty writing in their books.
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Okay, today's Dinosaur Comics WINS AT LIFE. :D

In other news, I started taking a web design course this weekend, 5 hours each day. On the one hand, NO MORE IGNORANCE FOR ME! on the other, ow, my head, too much new knowledge overload. But hey, work paid for it so what the hell! I was able to do a horrible page with three divs in varying degrees of tacky colors with a cat picture in the middle! Yay! My goal should totally be learning to code the adult cat finder from the unimpressed cats tumblr.

I read American Elsewhere last week, and it was so fucking good. Lovecraftian monsters! Creepy little towns! Amazing ladies that will find out what’s going out damn it and none of this but-we’re-so-normal-crap! Creepy labs! In all, it was hard to put down and it has lovely writing. Just like [personal profile] ignipes said, it’s what Welcome to Night Vale would be if it was actually creepy instead of just adoringly charming.

And this week I've been catching up with Nine Eleven Ten*, since I was about 10 chapters behind. Fuck but this thing is good. Just as gripping and well written as I remembered. At this pace it probably won't be finished until ages after the new x-men film, but I don't care as long as it's properly finished. Crossing my fingers!

*I meant to link but Ao3 seems to be acting up at the moment. Anyway, if you were ever in the XMFC fandom, you've read it. Or at least heard of it.
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I've had an emotionally horrible and draining day, so let's talk about Howl's Moving Castle!

I have Complicated Feelings about the movie. In one hand, it's Ghibli, and it's lovely. On the other hand, they sort of missed the point of the book? Like, it is not in any way a bad film, but they sort of de-fanged the story - Howl is less of an asshole, Sophie is less of a nosy busybody, Markl is - actually, I've no idea what but certainly not Michael. They missed Howl's dramatic and offended sneezing, and most of all, the missed out on Wales. Oh god, Wales, that's one of the most intriguing parts of the book! And Howl's saucepan song XD

Uuuugh I'd love it if one day we got a live-action super close to the book movie version.

It also makes me sad to think that we will never get more adventures of Howl and Sophie. :(

In another subject I just rewatched Sunshine and it was just as good and creepy and claustrophobic as I rememebered. Just how I like my film sci-fi. And the multiple and lovingly close-ups of Chris Evans' eyelashes don't hurt.
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So I spent all of yesterday ignoring a bit of work I had to do and jub hunting and reading World War Z. Jesus, what a trip. This was completely, totally up my alley - realistic and geopolitically correct description of a supernatural apocalypse? With multiple personal stories and groups of isolated people creating a complex society from the ground up? Drifting rafts converted into makeshift cities? Contagion tracking from the beginning of a pandemic? Historic castles being used as zombie resistance siegue holders by super kickass people??

Seriously, was this book written specifically for me and everyone just forgot to mention it?

Aaaah, so great. Anyway, looking forward to the movie now, though it looks super different from the book, mainly because of the constraints of the book's narrative. I guess it just wouldn't be as exciting for a movie to be told completely in flashbacks after ten years of peace.

So, in all honesty, The Maze Runner? Not a fantastic book*. It's not bad per se, but it's got a bazillion plotholes, its author clearly can't do math and the characters' relationships are as shallow as... dunno, jell-o, or something. Saying that! I sort of want to pet Dylan O'Brien on the head and be like 'well done, you, who's gonna get all famous, who's gonna get all famous - yes, you are'.

Also, he gets to make out with Kaya Scodelario. Lucky bastard.

*I thought I'd already written a review, because I remember being particularly irritated by the author's total inability to count. Huh.
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So I just finished the first Harry Dresden book, and I liked it, but it wasn't life changing or anything. Does it really get as amazing as people say at some point?

In other news, I've been horny as hell as of lately, which my brain is translating as 'sex-dreams-with-the-ex-yay' time. Thanks brain, and fuck you too. SIGH. I just really miss the boy.
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So, the other day I finished reading The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan. On one hand, it's interesting and has lovely prose. On the other hand, it's sort of gross? Like, morally. There's a lot of gory messed up stuff there. And yet, it's sort of great to see werewolves and vampires and the like written for adults, after the recent wave of crappy YA making them into harmless vegan bunnies. If you're gonna tackle the murderous supernatural, you might as well make it disturbing, I suppose.

Also, this guy is obsessed with buttholes. Seriously, it's like butthole here, butthole there, buttholes for everyone! I don't think I'd ever seen (read? deduced from his writing?) a straight guy so into buttfucking. Huh.

My favorite character after a certain spoilery lady was an incredibly incompetent French model-turned-werewolf-hunter that always puts on mascara before he goes out hunting. He was rad.

Anyway, today I read more first than sun, more last than star by Etirabys and it is so goddamn beautiful. It's very lyrical and poignant and I want to roll on it forever. Dub-con-y though, so beware.
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This has been bothering me for a few days: I can't remember where I read/saw it, but I remember something about time travel, and how the opening night of, uh, Hamlet? Or another Shakespeare play, it had been pretty much only time travelers in the audience.

Does that ring a bell with anyone? I feel like it's at the tip of my tongue, but can't seem to remember.

In other time traveling news (and the reason I thought of the above), I'm halfway through Connie Willis' All Clear right now, and Jesus, but it's hard to put down. We pretty much haven't had anything to do at work today, so I've just been reading obsessively.
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I've been reading [ profile] candle_beck's Gone Again, after I conveniently ignored the fact that this fic always tears my heart out and stomps it on the dirt. Man, but I could kiss that person that requested the happy ending sequel for that charity exchange.

In other news, I've been reading Connie Willis' Oxford Time Travel series, after reading a fic in which John is a historian and ends up somehow assigned to record Sherlock's history, for which I would hand out money for a sequel. I've read the first two books so far*, and they start a bit slow and then they become completely impossible to put down. The have great characters and lovely ladies obessed with Agatha Christie books and history and time travel paradoxes and explosions and epidemics. What else could you want?

*These are the ONLY books I've read in the year so far, because I tend to just read fic on the kindle and ignore everything else. Har-har. I should probably rectify this. But the pull of the dark side fic is too strong.


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