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Have you guys been following Kate Beaton's new sketch comic, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks?

I thought it was really beautiful, in a sad, quietly despairing way. It's really powerful for a sketchy comic about day to day life.
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So, I went to see Man of Steel. It was good, but it was also... weird? As a sci-fi movie, it was interesting and well-shot. As a superhero movie - eh, it lacked warmth, and more Lois Lane badassery because while she was badass all right, Lois is a force of nature, and Amy Adams is a tad too sweet an actress.

Anyway, they went so artsy with their slow-mo hipster shots of grass and laundry moving with the wind and close-crops of faces and grainy shaky camera effects that they distanced themselves too much from the superhero theme. I get what they were trying to do, and it would've worked in any other movie, but they could've used that energy instead to, you know, actually give the characters a personality. Clark's personality was practically non-existant, which is sad. And, the whole 'oh, the midwest, heart and pride of the US and all things wholesome' message was a bit heavyhanded. Or, you know, a lot.

Also, it seems like we're far enough from 9/11 that movies feel comforable with levelling entire cities again? Or maybe it was because nobody minds when it's fake Metropolis?

Anyway, I really liked the ending, felt the most Supes to me. Then again, I'm not really a huge DC fan, I'm not super knowledgeable about the comics and my favorite Superman comic is Superman: Secret Identity, which is a Clark-who-is-not-our-Clark story (and is absolutely brilliant, btw), SO.
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PEOPLE. We have a winner for best Comic Con announcement!


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I have so many Steve FEEEEELS. He's just. So lovely, you know? and goofy and silly and so very, very brave. I do sort of dislike it when he's portrayed as an insufferable goody-two-shoes in fic though. One of the bits of the movie that I though represented him so well was him bitching about hacking into the government, completely outraged, and then immediately going and breaking into the restricted weapons area because, sometimes, Steve can be such a sneaky, mouthy, curious little shit. And that's just how I like him :3 Oh, I just feel like giving Steve all the hugs. Especially in the movieverse, when he's so lost and alone. In the comics, he's at least had a good ten years of close friends and time to adjust and Avengers, and he's not nearly as naive and sweet as recently thawed Capsicle.

It's like, you know how people always tend to fall over themselves for the villain or the bad boys - me, I swoon for the good guys. Give me an upstanding moral character and I'll swoon! So vanilla of me, I know.

It's no coincidence that my boy is such a smart, good guy that honest to god frets because his local council's website won't let him pay his taxes and that gets super annoyed when people don't recycle. Sometimes it might be a bit much, but I still love him for it.

I even adore Tony Stark for his innate goodness, despite it being buried under layers and layers of smarm and charm XD and that's why I adore Matt Murdock as well, even though his layers and layers over it are of emo and angst an man-pain.

And anyway, it doesn't hurt that Chris Evans is pretty much exactly fits my physical type. Well, i usually like them with a lot less muscle, but on him? Mmm, big and broad is a good look on him.

*and so, the rampant Loki love. I really like Loki and find him complex and interesting, but a woobie, he is not. I don't deny that those qualities are sometimes more interesting to read about, but I don't quite get the hand-waving forgiveness he gets for everything.
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Game of Thrones 2x03 - What Is Dead May Never Die: )

Also, I finally watched Captain America! Oh STEEEVE. OH PEGGYYYY. ♥ They were adorable. For a period movie, it was oddly sci-fi-y, and the resolution was a bit awkward, but overall I quite liked it, and it got me well and pumped up for the Avengers.

Steve's so young in this, though, oh baby. I'm used to comics!Cap, with more than a decade of leading the avengers, and he looks so tender and lost in this. Aw. As much as I liked the actress playing Peggy I really hope they won't go and turn her into Sharon Carter, because I always found that beyond creepy in the comics. If Sharon comes along, make her a bit different at least. It WAS sort of hilarious that time they just drew a Sharon look alike, and to mark that Peggy was fighting with the French resistence, all they did was draw a beret on her head, lol. Instant Frenchness!
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Saying that I have an Elektra icon. But she's more of a villain, so.

I finally got to see Thor today! I really enjoyed it. It looked great, had nice camera work, Chris Hemsworth looked suitably hot (though boy, would he look silly without the beard) and it was a fun movie all around. It had nice funny bits and nice dramatic bits and some really cheesy cringe-worthy bits because the world cannot be nice all the time. In all, I'm having a slightly toned-down but rather similar reaction to the one I had after watching Iron Man, which was of the sort of:


Thor is not Tony Fucking Stark, but his comics are also quite enjoyable, so I dusted off some of the ones I'd had lying around for ages. Right now I'm reading Thor: The Mighty Avenger, which if it was in DC it'd be Thor: Year One. So all in all, it's a charming, lovely and adorably silly retelling of that time he got banished to Earth for being too much of a party boy and he got to fight crime with Jane, all told in a lovely 60s style art. Read it if you can, guys! And of course, there's always J. Michael Straczynski's run, which was STUNNING. Very recommended.

And now I shall go back to reading Tony/Steve because this brought back ~feelings~ and because I just realise that there's just a few months now until Cap's movie and if we don't have a scene of Tony staring longingly into Cap's deep frozen eyes after the credits, I shall cry a lot.
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A few days ago my mind was wandering and I was thinking something to the effect of "oh, I can't wait for this week's Fringe. I'm sure it'll be fantastic and amazing and exciting--" and then I remember that there's no new Fringe for ages and ages and ages. It was a very sad realisation.

Ah well. At least we have new Misfits tonight! And Christmasy Misfits soon! :D

Also, you guys should all check out SuperMutant Magic Academy, a now ongoing little webcomic by Jillian Tamaki. It is awesome and very funny!
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The best comic to come out of Prince William's engagement )

:DDDD I love this comic strip. My favorite that's still running, by Ani del Castillo, an artist from my city living in Canada at the moment. She's one of my favorite bloggers, as well, I love the way she writes, but someone hacked her blog and in her flicker she's been saying it's a bit of a relief not to write anymore. SIGH. Check out her art though, it's amazing.
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I just drew a medieval knight riding a velociraptor. Lol, my homework.

(Actually, I'm not sure I can use it as homework - I'd already planned to do it before the teacher suddenly changed the subject, and now it doesn't fit anymore, but by then I'd been overtaken with the whole ZOMG dude riding a dinosaur!! thing, haha.)

Well, the snow wasn't nearly as much yesterday, once it turned to ICE. All over the city. I lost count of the times I slipped. I didn't feel as pathetic in account of absolutely everyone walking slow with little steps, looking straight to the ground. That is, we all looked like penguins. It was incredibly cold but I braved it and went shopping - i got myself an incredibly cheap, incredibly bland pair of wellington boots, some more groceries and --- comics! I found the prettiest, coziest little comic book store ever. So now I'm the proud owner of: Superman Secret Identity, Criminal (Ed Brubaker's supposed masterpiece) and DMZ: Friendly Fire. AND, best of all, XOXO, James Jean's postcard collection. It's so beautiful I want to just keep looking at it and pet it and coo at it all day long. ♥

And now, of course, I feel semi guilty already because my mom just read me my account's balance. Er. I've spent SO MUCH these past few weeks, although it's mostly been a bazillion groceries and pots and duvet and pillows and stuff. Still. Er. That said, though, that also includes both a trip to Chester this sunday and a two day trip to Edinburgh next weekend, and those were pretty good inversions. THEY TOTALLY WERE, OKAY.
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The latest Octopus Pie entry made me all squishy inside. Hee! If you're not reading it, you're seriously missing out, it's hands down my favorite webcomic. It's about Eve (real name Everest), a cynical girl working in a grocery store, and Hanna, her pot-muffin selling friend, and their group of friends and their fancy brooklyn lives. It's aweeesome. Check it out.

You know what's ironic? I come to the UK all excited about OMG WATCHING TV IN REAL TIME and 1) there's no tv and 2) I can't even get the weird 'watch it on your laptop!' thingy because I don't have a tv license. HUH. Anyone wanna watch Doctor Who with me when it airs (you bring the tv! I bring, er, the witty conversation! (only, you know, not really. Probably some chips, though?)

I went to a pub crawl last night, it was pretty cool, even if hellishly cold and rainy, but the beer was good, and everyone was really nice and friendly and we went from small traditional pubs to larger fancy bars. We were supposed to go in 'fancy dress' and represent our countries, so some people were wearing flags as skirts and using facepaint and there was even some girls dressed up as fairies (with NO COATS. It was FREEZING, wtf), which was hilarious, haha. I totally didn't know about it but I unintentionally wore the colors - I was wearing a green coat and a red scarf, lol.

Today I wanted to headdesk real hard, as I didn't read my timetable correctly and I arrived to my classroom an hour early, and then proceeded to make a big fuss of OH MY GOD THERE'S ANOTHER CLASS GOING ON WHAT WILL I DOOOOOO and made a nice secretary walk everywhere with me and she said she'd email my teacher and explain and whatnot and then I got to my 'next' class (which was in the same place) and went Oh! This was the class I was looking for! I AM MADE OF LAME. SRSLY.


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