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I had SO MUCH FUN watching the Doctor Who special in the cinema. Not only did I think the special itself was adorable and a lot of fun, but it was great watching it with 100+ other fans that all screamed, cheered, laughed and squee’d at all the right bits. Also: Oh, Doctor. All of you. ♥

And then I watched The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot and oh, I died laughing. Peter Davison should be writing more comedy like, yesterday. It was funny and ingenious and lovely.

And then on sunday we went to play paintball for my birthday, which i' never done before. It was cool, barring the massive hit to the head i took!
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So, does anyone have any post-The Angels Take Manhattan recs? I went trolling for some this morning and was disappoint. I've already read [personal profile] such_heights' and [personal profile] lizbee's excellent contribuitions to the 'I shan't stop crying yet but my tears are a bit less bitter' motion, but I need MOAR, you know?

Another thing that passed through my PONDSPONDSPONDS deluge of emotions while watching the episode is just how great and amazing is Eleven/River (and just how stupidly hot Alex Kingston was looking, god, that dress), so fic of them would also be welcome. But mostly PONDSPONDSPONDS fic though, because my wee little broken heart needs it.
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I just gathered the guts to watch The Angels Take Manhattan. Jesus christ, will I ever stop crying?
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Last night I dreamt that I was watching (living?) the Ponds' last episode, right after a dream about having a temper tantrum because I wanted chocolate chip waffles, goddamnit, and my diet doesn't allow it.

Anyway, so there was no plot to speak of, Will Smith was there (???) and Eleventy made a child's bedroom become a planteraium/lighted floating model of the universe, which was ace. And then the villain of the week (the evil-er twin of the queen/thingy from Vampires of Venice) gave a rousing speech about all the ways in which Rory was the best thing ever since sliced bread and I started weeping. Then I went like 'WAIT, did I somehow miss the bit with the rousing speech about all the ways in Amy is the best thing ever since sliced bread?' and I rewinded the episode (lol) and indeed it was missing and then I got mad.

Because damn it, but all I want from Series 7 is being shown just how amazing Amy is, and have her have the happiest life she and Rory can probably have. I HAVE SPOKEN, SHOW.
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This is one of the best Sherlock fics I've read so far:

The Anatomist, pre S2. In which Molly's real name is Molly Moriarty. This is so fantastic, it's beautifully written and the idea is amazing and ;sldjf. MOLLY. Even if this is a er, well, more unhinged version of Molly.

And from the same author, in a complete 180 degree change of fandom, Epitaph, Doctor Who, Rose. In which Rose is a VAMPIRE. This is gorgeous and haunting and very very lovely.

And then yesterday I read a fic in which JOHN HAS A KID. AND HE AND SHERLOCK END UP RAISING HIM. Oh my god I nearly died from the cute. Reignite. Seriously though, it's a beautiful fic, and not really crack the way my super awesome summary makes it sound. And even though fridging ladies for the sake of plot tends to make me twitch in anger, I sort of want a little Hamish playing with Sherlock's microscope in every single fic in existance? Errrr.

And if you have anything Sherlock to rec me, please do so! :)
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GUYS. Guys, look at my shiny new folder icon, Who style!



(If anyone wants it, just let me know and I'll share. :))
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We're going to a Halloween party tonight, and I'm going as Eleventy! A cheap, not-very-color-coordinated Eleventy, but him nonetheless.

Shall try to take pictures :D
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