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Who fic! I really liked writing this, these people are just too fun to write. :3

Title: Geometry
Word Count: 3200
Summary: There are four sides to the story. From four slightly insane people.
Author's Notes: Betaed by the lovely [personal profile] reena_jenkins. Born out of my immeasurable love for the current team TARDIS! And how they're all lovely but really messed up. I was listening to a song from the Gattaca soundtrack - The Other Side by Michael Nyman - obsessively while writing this. You can listen to it here.

Space and time have a way with messing with people’s minds. There is just too much of them, too much for any mind of any species to fully comprehend. )
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It's been a nice day. I usually hate football but today's match wasn't half bad, and I got a yummy breakfast and a new skirt. Yayz all around. And now, fic! In which I love the new TARDIS team an incredible amount. :)

Written with Bat for Lashes on repeat. It sort of does work as a sountrack!

Title: Remember This, Remember Me
Word Count: 8500
Summary: There is a hole in Amy’s memory.
Author Notes: Written out of loving the series so much so far but missing Rory quite a lot as well. Betaed by the lovely [ profile] shaggydogstail. Written before 5x11.

She remembers a lot of things, but she has the feeling that there is something she’s forgotten and she can’t remember what. )
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This has nothing whatsoever to do with RobPattz, I swear.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] avendya AND [ profile] skies_of_honey!!!

You're both wonderful, wonderful girls and I &hearts you both an awful lot. Hope you had an awesome time! *blows kisses* And now, a bit of a present:

For [ profile] avendya:
Like Alice
Doctor Who - Martha'n'Ten - 376 words
Martha opens her door on her way to work only to find the Doctor holding a small chocolate-frosted cake and wearing a ridiculous birthday hat... )

For [ profile] skies_of_honey:
It's a small, small, world
SPN - gen - 435 words
Dean swears more creatively. “I told you, Florida’s fucked up, man, we should never have come on the first place.” )

Short because I'm awfully busy, guys. ;__; Both with homework and with loling about Twilight, SO SORRY.
Music:: Goodbye Lenin! Soundtrack - Summer 78
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I ditched my last two classes because I'm still sick sick sick. I'm out of kleenex so I have a roll of toilet paper at my right and a growing pile of snotty tissues on my left. Ugh. At least I don't have a fever anymore, though.

I haven't listened to anything but Travis all week long. It's been the only good part of my week, to be honest. So that's been pretty pretty awesome. I'm torn between naming The Invisible Band and 12 Memories my favorite album of theirs, although I actually dig a lot of songs from all of their albums. I ♥ Travis.

Also, I really want to SQUEEEE about Who but I don't wanna spoil anyone in here so I'll post about it later. *g*

Title: Break Us Apart, Bring Us Together
Word Count: 3500
Spoilers: Up to Blink.
Author Notes: Betaed by [ profile] such_heights. My take on the 'living in 1969' theme.

It all becomes routine, and sometimes she hates it and sometimes she loves it... )
Music:: Travis - All I Want To Do Is Rock
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Wow, it's really been a while since I last posted fic, huh? And even longer since I posted Who fic. o_O Um. Sorry, y'all. Anyway: eeeh, I very much like this, which makes me all kinds of happy. :)

This is basically my way of saying Martha >>>> everyone. Or something. I mean that jokingly, of course, but one can never be sure that with wank exploding here and there and everywhere. Seriously, though, this is just my way of coming to terms with the season finale and now that I've gone and shown my insane Martha love, I have An Itch to write Doctor/Master. Go figure.

Title: The Art of Surviving
Word Count: 4300
Summary: Post LotTL, in which Martha goes on with her life, and the Doctor visits.
Author Notes: Betaed by the lovely [ profile] mellafe. I'm quite fond of this one, actually. Then again, I'm pretty fond of Martha in any way, so.

A screaming crowd outside an office building, and Martha goes in without thinking... )
Music:: Muse - feeling good
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I Finally watched (and re-watched) Dnevnoi Dozor (Day Watch). Woot, it was le awesome! I think I still like Nochnoy Dozor better, but ultimately, I think they're meant to be watched together - it certainly makes more sense that way, and the ending makes a nice, circular way of and end rather than feeling anticlimatic. The pace is a bit slower than its predecessor, but the tension's still there, and the characters continue to be well developed and nothing short of awesome. The gloom wasn't as awe worthy as it was in Nochnoy Dozor, though, which is sad ;__; But one of the last sequences is so well done that it more than makes up for it. It's been too long since I last watched Night Watch, though - I didn't remember who Svetlana was until a loooong time into the movie XD Anton continues to rock my socks. Yegor continues to creep the fuck out of me. Olga is still the coolest thing ever. I very much grieved the loss of teh kewl subtitles (you know, the ones that appeared and dissappeared randomly and bled? Those), thoguh, because omg, but those were the most awful subtitles I've ever seen ("Until we finded the muderings"? WTF???). *sigh* Still, so very good. Re-watching it made me get soooo many things I've missed, which was nice.

Anyway, my laptop's CD drive is still acting wonky - for every three minutes of steady picture, there was a minute of odd noise and slow motion which made it, God, so damn frustrating to watch.

Okay, the rest of this summary meme, the previous summaries being in here.

For [ profile] sazzlette: 'Til the tide creeps in; Sirius/Harry )

For [ profile] ladyblack888: Of Social Gatherings, Casual Lovers and Traitors; Andromeda/Bellatrix, )

I think this just popped my incest cherry. Uuuugh, I feel dirty. *rocks in corner*

For [ profile] swedish15: About the ludicrousness of light, happiness and other vile things; Fight Club )

For [ profile] sarie_gamgee: Wet socks and cereal for breakfast; Doctor/Rose )

Aww, I kinda really like this one.
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Fifty Sentences for [ profile] 1fandom. This was so much fun, I'll probably go and claim another fandom/pairing/whatever as soon as I can.

I have turned the Doctor into a shameless slut. My apologies.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Theme Set: Sixth
Rating: R
Word Count: 1843
Author Notes: Unbeta-ed, sorry. Spoilers up to Doomsday. Includes gen the same as Ten/Rose, Nine/Rose, Nine/Rose/Jack, and Three/Sarah Jane/Four.

Alternatives )
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This'll be such a fic-filled day! Great stories, great authors, I just can't wait. :)

Title: It Comes With the Job
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1671
Summary: The Doctor. And the other Doctor. And the possible destruction to a innocent planet, because that's just the sort of stuff that happens to him.
Author Notes: Betaed by the wonderful [ profile] melandry. Written for [ profile] dougs for the Tenth Doctor Ficathon. His requests were:

1. "You alright?" "I'm always alright."
2. The Doctor stroking bits of the TARDIS.
3. The Doctor cautiosly refraining from saying something unpleasant that's obvious to everyone else.

Well, two out of three should be alright. :)

“Come on, girl,” he murmurs as he strokes some buttons, breath warm against the console... )
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This is... Most likely not what you guys expect. *looks shifty* I still like it, though. And woot, finally something larger than a 1000 words!

Title: The Difference Is In Those Little Details
Pairing/Characters Rose/Doctor, but mostly Rose/Ten
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1700
Summary Post Doomsday, Rose tries to get on with her life.
Author Notes: My take on the whole alt!Doctor theme.

She sees him on the news after that, blue eyes and northern accent and that jacket she hadn’t seen for years... )
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So, I don't write HP fic for more than a month or something, and when I finally do, what is it? A crossover with Doctor Who. *headdesk*

Anyway, this was totally [ profile] amberlynne's fault, since she requested Remus/Ten for her drabble, and this just grew, and grew, and grew... And grew. *even more headdesk* But ah well, it was GREAT fun to write, and so quick, too! (Er, so sorry guys, but the rest of the drabbles won't be as long. This was just me being surprisingly inspired *g*)

Title: Looking for Something
Pairing: Vague Ten/Remus, even vaguer Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Summary: Ten is quite fond of werewolves. So when he finds one in 1984, he really wants to keep it (only, he knows Rose won't let him. Oh, the misery.)
Word Count: 1515 OMG.
Author Note's: Written for [ profile] amberlynne, who requested Ten/Remus, Library as a prompt and Gold as a color.

“So let me get this, you’re an alien, traveling in a police box?” “It’s bigger on the inside.” “Oh. Well, I don’t really know what to say to that. Drugs are bad, maybe?” )


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