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Guys!! Awesome thing! The lovely [ profile] reena_jenkins has made a podcast of one of my fics, Migratory Birds! You can get it here. That's so very cool. It's a bit of an old fic, SPN/X-Men movieverse, which is lonnng and very dear to my heart, and now I can listen to it! Yayz. I'm still getting it at the minute, I'm excited about it. :D
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It's finally apocalypse day! And with it comes the large fic of doom! :D Okay, now we're playing a game. It's called 'guess which XMM mutants are Ale's favorite!' You only get one chance. Aaaand, go. It's weird, though - I've only seen X-3 once, and have been trying to forget it ever happened since, and with all the comics I've been reading all summer long, I spent a long time trying to remember canon, lol. At one point I included Genosha and then had to cut it out, and the same with Pietro and Wanda, haha.

Seriously, I had a great time writing this, and this is truly one of the most entertaining ficathons ever. :DDD

Title: Migratory Birds
Word Count: 11,426
Fandom: Supernatural/X-Men Movieverse crossover
Summary: When the end comes, one brother is on one side, and the other on the opposite.
Author Notes: Betaed by the awesome [ profile] mellafe and [ profile] amchara, written for [ profile] kellifer_fic in the occasion of [ profile] apocalyptothon. Sort of AU-ish for SPN, post X-3 for X-Men.

I was going to do upload some end-of-days themed songs, but Muxtape decided to get in trouble with the RIAA right this day, lol.

Sam’s powers manifest when he’s ten, when he tears half the house down. )
Music:: The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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What is this, me posting SPN in Who Day? *gasp* But it is for a good reason! Because today is SPECIAL, people.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] crooked!!!
You're one of my oldest, best lj friends, and you've no idea how
awesome and wonderful and important you are for me. HAVE A WONDERFUL
DAY, DARLING! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
And here, have a present. :3 I sneakily tried for YOU to give me
the prompt, but you didn't catch on. TSK TSK, GIRL.

Title: Find Me in the Dark
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Amnesia fic, baby.
Author Notes: Written for the awesomecakes [ profile] crooked in honor of her birthday. ♥ I posted somewhat of a survey asking what was my flist's favorite spn cliche. Bodyswap won, so I wrote amnesia fic. Because I'm weird like that. Um.

When you wake up, you have a name stuck on your throat. Dean, you say out loud, while lying on a bed you don’t recognize and staring up at a moldy ceiling you can’t place )
Music:: MGMT - Electric Feel
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Well the Long Fic of Doom is finally here! Hooray! I'm so proud of myself, lol. I seriously loved writing it, so, you know, hope y'all will like it as well. :) Also, apologies to Taryn for thinking of her when I think of underage gay incest, haha.

And now, in honor of SPN's renewal (yay!):

Title: A Thousand Shades of Red
Word Count: 10,021
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Growing up is hard. Sam knows it, can feel it beneath his skin as his bones stretch and his baby fat fades and he’s perpetually hungry.
Author Notes: Betaed by [ profile] javajunkie13, to whom this is also dedicated, for being such a wonderful enabler and cheerleader and just a fantastic friend. ♥

Adolescence, he reads in an encyclopedia in a public library in Michigan, and there they are, his symptoms, in glossy paper and tiny font.  )
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Today was... weird at school. There were free tacos and beer, for one thing. o_O But I digress. I have A Thing for special dates although I never really know what to do about them. So, in honor of this weird day and my unability to think of something other than SPN as of lately, have a ficlet.

(ALSO. What is this that I hear Jensen Ackles turns 30 today? Is he truly a leap year baby? Wikpedia says his birthday is March 1st, but whenever has wikipedia been right, anyway?)

Title: Leap
Word Count: 736
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: On February 29, Dean wakes up and realizes he has an extra day to live.

“What is this all about?” Sam finally asks, the edges of his mouth turning upwards, and Dean looks away, swallows hard and wets his lips. )
Music:: Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
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This has nothing whatsoever to do with RobPattz, I swear.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] avendya AND [ profile] skies_of_honey!!!

You're both wonderful, wonderful girls and I &hearts you both an awful lot. Hope you had an awesome time! *blows kisses* And now, a bit of a present:

For [ profile] avendya:
Like Alice
Doctor Who - Martha'n'Ten - 376 words
Martha opens her door on her way to work only to find the Doctor holding a small chocolate-frosted cake and wearing a ridiculous birthday hat... )

For [ profile] skies_of_honey:
It's a small, small, world
SPN - gen - 435 words
Dean swears more creatively. “I told you, Florida’s fucked up, man, we should never have come on the first place.” )

Short because I'm awfully busy, guys. ;__; Both with homework and with loling about Twilight, SO SORRY.
Music:: Goodbye Lenin! Soundtrack - Summer 78
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Well, it's done, and I'm actually pretty pleased with the result. Evil!Sam feels like such a betrayal to write, because you can't really excuse his actions, which is, dunno, awkward, or something. But as always, writing post apocalyptic stuff is morbidly fun. *g*

Title: As Red As the Blood on My Hands
Author: [ profile] nekare
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: None
Warnings: None
Recipient: [ profile] pesha
Request: Sam goes evil and Dean can't bring himself to stop him until after it's all over and it's just the two of them left in a world that's getting sucked straight into Hell.
Author Notes: Betaed by the lovely [ profile] javajunkie13. I tried to add Wincest, but as much as I tried it just refused to work. I hope you like it anyway, Pesha. :)

The sky darkens in September, and people stand on their doorways to stare at the dark orange hue the clouds have turned... )
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I have done pretty much nothing today except read Penny Arcade obsesively and ignore the open corel draw to finish my entry for this week's Illustration Friday. Um. I downloaded Traveler, too. Does that count for something? *shifty eyes*

Oh, yeah, yesterday, I sang the Mexican happy birthday song to Terra, so, if you were ever curious about how I sound while singing in Spanish, Here's your chance to find out!

Anyway, reposting Terra's birthday fic because I'm anal like that and I like to have my fic all prettily tagged in the same place.

Title: Downtime (In which, Sadly, There Are No Clowns)
Word Count: 1400 Words
Summary: In Rochester, New York, the boys break and enter into a little amusement park after closing time.
Author Notes: Written for the awesome [ profile] terraneanblues whose birthday was yesterday and who really should've gotten a fic about evil hamsters of doom. Oh well, this'll have to make do. Betaed by [ profile] geminigrl11.

“This is a really stupid idea,” says Sam, little bitch that he is, and Dean rolls his eyes... )
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Well, better late than never, I guess. *looks shifty* Okay people, you gotta know, I feel like somewhat of a downright bitch for writing happy schmoopy fic after last week's ep. Granted, I'm known to write soul-wrenching angsty fics after funny, comical eps, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise, LOL.

Anyway, in honor of SPN's renewal, yay!

Title: Photographic Proof
Word Count: 2000
Summary: Sam Winchester has sixteen photographs buried at the bottom of his duffle bag: This is what each one of them means.
Author Notes: Written for my awesome, wonderful internet little sister, [ profile] javajunkie13, who really deserved to get this fic on her birthday but my muse decided to slack off. So sorry. Betaed by [ profile] terraneanblues and [ profile] logovo.

“Really, dude, what’s with you and your shitty camera?” he says, and Sam shrugs; mumbles something about being bored... )
Music:: The Libertines - Last Post on the Bugle


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