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I have so many Steve FEEEEELS. He's just. So lovely, you know? and goofy and silly and so very, very brave. I do sort of dislike it when he's portrayed as an insufferable goody-two-shoes in fic though. One of the bits of the movie that I though represented him so well was him bitching about hacking into the government, completely outraged, and then immediately going and breaking into the restricted weapons area because, sometimes, Steve can be such a sneaky, mouthy, curious little shit. And that's just how I like him :3 Oh, I just feel like giving Steve all the hugs. Especially in the movieverse, when he's so lost and alone. In the comics, he's at least had a good ten years of close friends and time to adjust and Avengers, and he's not nearly as naive and sweet as recently thawed Capsicle.

It's like, you know how people always tend to fall over themselves for the villain or the bad boys - me, I swoon for the good guys. Give me an upstanding moral character and I'll swoon! So vanilla of me, I know.

It's no coincidence that my boy is such a smart, good guy that honest to god frets because his local council's website won't let him pay his taxes and that gets super annoyed when people don't recycle. Sometimes it might be a bit much, but I still love him for it.

I even adore Tony Stark for his innate goodness, despite it being buried under layers and layers of smarm and charm XD and that's why I adore Matt Murdock as well, even though his layers and layers over it are of emo and angst an man-pain.

And anyway, it doesn't hurt that Chris Evans is pretty much exactly fits my physical type. Well, i usually like them with a lot less muscle, but on him? Mmm, big and broad is a good look on him.

*and so, the rampant Loki love. I really like Loki and find him complex and interesting, but a woobie, he is not. I don't deny that those qualities are sometimes more interesting to read about, but I don't quite get the hand-waving forgiveness he gets for everything.
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Is anyone else as mystified over the popularity of Clint/Coulson as me? Coulson's cool and all, but in contrast with like, the entirety of fandom, I don't really find him interesting enough to crave fic of him. Saying that they haven't even met in canon doesn't pan out because, well, it's not like Steve and Tony have, either*, but then again they do have like thirty years of BFFdom in comics.**

And anyway, if the option exist of shipping Clint with Natasha*** or Darcy, SWEET GLORIOUS DARCY, well, it feels superflous to me. XD Nah, pretty much all I'm saying is MOAR DARCY FIC.

* Or maybe they have? I must confess I still haven't watched Captain America. I really have to before the movie comes out though!

** Avengers movie fic sometimes confuses me because while I ship Tony/Steve something hard in the comics, I absolutely LOVE Tony/Pepper in the movies. So, yeah. Dunno.

*** I say that, but I much prefer shipping Natasha with Bucky or Matt Murdock. Especially Matt. Ultimate redhair couple for the win! Dunno, they just fit well, she makes him less angsty. Or, you know with BOTH Bucky and Matt! nggh. Matt's probably too Irish Catholic schoolboy to consider it unless it's with Foggy though. SIGH. I luffs Matt and his never ending angst and woe and anger, I really hope that the inevitable movie remake will be a good one.****


This post was brought to you by my sudden descent into Avengers fic. All I'm saying is, Tomorrow Belongs to Me and Semaphore are must reads.
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I finished Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay yesterday and ;sjfdlsjdfljsdf so fucking good. ♥ An instant favorite, truly - it's just impossible to put down, and all characters are so very well described. I truly didn't want it to end. Sob. It's about a couple of Jewish kids in the 40s who create their own superhero, The Escapist, and about the way the war shapes them, and breaks them. It is seriously gorgeous, and if that synopsis wasn't enough of a deal-breaker, there's boy-kissing too, if you're into that! (and fantastic het too, mind.)

I hate reading long books on the computer, though - there's something about curling up in bed with a fantastic novel. But oh well, I looked everywhere for it, and none of the local book stores carried it (I did get The Yiddish Policemen's Union, though, which has one of the most beautiful cover designs I've ever seen, yay). It'll probably be the first thing I buy when I go to the states in December.

Aaaand comic talk! Featuring both New and Mighty Avengers, Iron Man, Daredevil, Fables and Astonishing X-Men. Mostly Iron Man, though. Because that's how I roll. )

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Me, a couple of hours ago: "There's new Gossip Girl tonight? NO WAI!! AWESOME!!" This is so ~exciting~, you guys - the first new episode of fall tv! YAY TV IS BACK. FINALLY.

I THOUGHT I was gonna get my car back today, yet didn't, and it SUCKS. On friday, FIVE fucking buses (five!! Dude!!) wouldn't stop when hailed, another one suddenly turned around and left me in the middle of nowhere and another driver told me that no, it wasn't going where I needed to after I'd Paid. FUCK YOU, BUSES, FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS.

I spent most of my afternoon painting, both for my watercolor class and for kicks alone, and it was rather nice. Yay painting. I even surprised myself by going all artsy fartsy with my own fic, lol.

I had the tv on and the first episode of Bones' 2nd season was on - and I could hardly remember what was going on! THIS CALLS FOR REWATCH. :DDD

I finished all of Brian Michael Bendis' run on Daredevil yesterday night, and I already feel empty inside with no more tortured Matt Murdock to read. GUYS. IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD, BELIEVE ME. A;LSDFJALSDF. And the art, oh man. ♥
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Aw, man, I just realized my [ profile] apocalyptothon fic won't fit in one post. Argh. Anyway, I still don't have a title, so I should probably start working on that. UM.

Today I went downtown to get most of the materials for my Scenic Makeup class (yes! I have a scenic makeup class! How awesome is that? :DD), including face paint and latex and fake blood, lol. And I got a clown nose free of charge with my purchase, lol lol lol. XD

Today was also my flamenco teacher's wedding. The ceremony was rather lovely, and the groom was pretty much glowing, but no bride should cry so much. Then again, everyone was saying 'goodbye' instead of 'congratulations', and goodness knows when we'll get to see her again, so maybe she was entitled to some tears. SIGH.

Anyway, off with the gloom! let's talk comics.

I read Superman: Secret Identity the other day, and loved it to pieces. The writing is impeccable, the art is amazing (well, duh, with Stuart Immonen on charge - even if it's a cry away from his most recent art, all pastels and hard pencils strokes, yum), and the premise is just so much fun: When the Kents had a black-haired baby boy, they thought it'd be hilarious to name him Clark, after the comic superhero. Poor Clark endures Superman-related jokes all his life (and has about fourteen pairs of Superman pijamas in his closet, courtesy of his relatives), until he finds out he does have superpowers.

The comic follows Clark's life, and, let me tell you, it's sort of weird to see a middle-aged superhero, but at the same time it's pretty awesome, because it's so fresh and new and different to what you see in mainstream continuity. In any case, it was really really good, very recomended, and quite true to the times.

Other than that I've been reading Daredevil - all of Brian Michael Bendis' run, actually, and oh fuck, but it is so so good, oh wow. I'm loving it so hard, and Alex Maleev's art is gor-geous.
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