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Went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel on Friday and it was absolutely charming and adorable and funny and amazing. So recommended.
On Saturday I saw Godzilla, which was… ok. Mostly it made me wanna watch Pacific Rim again, so I did. Ah, Pacific Rim. So awesome. So exciting. ♥

Anyway, so, Godzilla - the monster bits were cool enough that i didn’t feel cheated (that first glimpse at Godzilla was so rad), but all of the human bits were so boring. Also, all they made Ken Watanabe do was look around confused. So, so confused. Poor Ken Watanabe.

Then again, I have a massive soft stop for the 90s movie. So bad. So good.
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I finally got to see Captain America, I loved it and can't wait to go watch it again! Natasha wins everything, and the expected Steve/Bucky reunion didn’t disappoint, and then oh, my heart, that last scene after the credits! So pumped up for fic now :D

I read Divergent on Sunday, because despite knowing that I tend to be disappointed by YA*, I saw the trailer and was interested. I mean, it was all right, but I get tired of the first person ‘oh i’m such a special snowflake’ narrative. Show, don’t tell. But really there’s such a huge suspension of disbelief with these dystopias - there’s no way that people would allow the systematic murder of their children on tv for almost a century, or that people would split themselves into who likes being friends and who likes to get piercings. That’s not how the real world works. The Handmaiden’s Tale, for example, is also quite hard to believe being allowed to happen (although it’s sadly more possible), but of course Margaret Atwood is Margaret Atwood and at least within the novel it feels very plausible in a visceral way.

I was - or still am, I supposed - reading the Veronica Mars novel, but out of nowhere, BAM, Mexican cartels. I see enough of that shit in real life, thanks, so I’ve sort of put it down for now. Veronica Mars just works better as a visual medium, anyway.

*It’s not so much the genre or the weird trends, but the dry writing and easy plots that usually let me down. They’re teenagers, not dumb. They can stand some pretty writing in their books.
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I finally watched the Veronica Mars movie! ♥
Sure, it had its flaws, and of course it would've worked better as a miniseries, but I seriously spent the entire thing being utterly charmed, wringing my hands and making dying whale 'eeeeeeeeeehhhh' sounds of excitement, so I honestly do not care. Oh, Veronica, I'd missed you.

I hadn't heard about the canon books, and whrn I saw the first one is out tomorrow i clicked buy so fast it was dizzying. Yay, more Mars Investigations!
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Today I went to see Almodóvar's new film, Los Amantes Pasajeros*, it was so good! I seriously hadn't seen such a funny film in a while, the entire theater was in stitches. It was crass, surreal and wildly inappropiate, and it had amazing Almodóvar trademark dialogue. I do love me my 'strangers trapped together' plots. It's most definitely not his best work, but his last films were so serious that it was a nice break. I do wonder how it'll stand to translation!

* The title can be translated both as 'The brief (or passing) lovers' and 'the loving passengers'. I love how good writers can play with Spanish so. Shakira too used to do amazing things with language shrouded in pop music, but she kinda stopped when she went massive. 'Espero que no esperes que te espere después de mis veintiseis' still makes sigh all satisfied.
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The Avengers is on Netflix now! AW YISSSS.

I just came back from seeing World War Z - it was all right. Nice summer palomera (popcorn) movie, as we call them here. I'm all in for zombie movies, so it's not like I was gonna be disappointed. I mean, I wish they'd taken more off the book aside from the title and the zombies, because the book was amazing, but ah well. I already knew that the book format wouldn't really be translatable for film.

Now I really feel like rereading it!
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So, I went to see Man of Steel. It was good, but it was also... weird? As a sci-fi movie, it was interesting and well-shot. As a superhero movie - eh, it lacked warmth, and more Lois Lane badassery because while she was badass all right, Lois is a force of nature, and Amy Adams is a tad too sweet an actress.

Anyway, they went so artsy with their slow-mo hipster shots of grass and laundry moving with the wind and close-crops of faces and grainy shaky camera effects that they distanced themselves too much from the superhero theme. I get what they were trying to do, and it would've worked in any other movie, but they could've used that energy instead to, you know, actually give the characters a personality. Clark's personality was practically non-existant, which is sad. And, the whole 'oh, the midwest, heart and pride of the US and all things wholesome' message was a bit heavyhanded. Or, you know, a lot.

Also, it seems like we're far enough from 9/11 that movies feel comforable with levelling entire cities again? Or maybe it was because nobody minds when it's fake Metropolis?

Anyway, I really liked the ending, felt the most Supes to me. Then again, I'm not really a huge DC fan, I'm not super knowledgeable about the comics and my favorite Superman comic is Superman: Secret Identity, which is a Clark-who-is-not-our-Clark story (and is absolutely brilliant, btw), SO.
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Pet peeve: When people trying to be trendy say 'cajones' instead of 'cojones'. One means balls, the other means drawers. Dictionaries, people, get one of them.

For some strange reason I started reading Star Trek K/S reboot fic this week. I've already watched the movie again, but when I started I'd only seen it once in horrible cam form and could remember next to nothing. Still a good read! I love a fandom with good novel-length fic just waiting for me. Rec me your favorites? Pretty please? I really should get to watching the new movie one of these days.

So I went to see The Great Gatsby today. While it wasn't all flash and as shallow as the trailers made it out to be, it was still just all right, not great. Tobey Maguire looked derpy as hell all through it. The scenery and costumes were super cool, and Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio gave solid performances, but nothing life changing. It was really long though.

And the idiot sitting next to me thought it'd be a great idea to take her four or five year old girl along and then just put her in her lap. Jesus christ, why in the world would you think she wouldn't be bored out of her mind with a movie for adults in which she can't read the subtitles yet and she can't make sense of anything? So the girl had her bare feet hitting me all through it, she kept asking if Daisy was Daisy like Mickey Mouse's friend, she ocasionally mewed (?) and then she sang the fountain song.

The lord was testing me.
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So Iron Man 3 has been out for a week in a fuckton of countries and apart from a hilarious in hindsight post about a watch I had not seen any spoilers in tumblr. It's been out for like a day and a half in the US and it's already all over my dash.

good thing I saw it today, then! )
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I've had an emotionally horrible and draining day, so let's talk about Howl's Moving Castle!

I have Complicated Feelings about the movie. In one hand, it's Ghibli, and it's lovely. On the other hand, they sort of missed the point of the book? Like, it is not in any way a bad film, but they sort of de-fanged the story - Howl is less of an asshole, Sophie is less of a nosy busybody, Markl is - actually, I've no idea what but certainly not Michael. They missed Howl's dramatic and offended sneezing, and most of all, the missed out on Wales. Oh god, Wales, that's one of the most intriguing parts of the book! And Howl's saucepan song XD

Uuuugh I'd love it if one day we got a live-action super close to the book movie version.

It also makes me sad to think that we will never get more adventures of Howl and Sophie. :(

In another subject I just rewatched Sunshine and it was just as good and creepy and claustrophobic as I rememebered. Just how I like my film sci-fi. And the multiple and lovingly close-ups of Chris Evans' eyelashes don't hurt.


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