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So you should all go read this, for it is beautiful and so well written and a bit devastating. Peggy/Steve, Bucky/Steve. In which Steve jumps out of Shmidt's plane, marries Peggy, and has life and the 20th century happen to him. And life is hard.

A Long Winter

I've seriously been replaying bits of this in my head for hours, it was just really striking.
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Yesterday’s Mexico match was crazy tense. One of my coworkers is the most football obsessed person I’ve ever met, and he seemed close to a goddamn heart attack. The memes about Saint Memo of the Goal were the best part though.

There’s now a second dog at work now! DOGGIES. They spend their days rough housing and chasing each other and rolling around in dirt and puddles. It’s so awesome.

Currently reading The Song of Achilles. I swear, this woman has to be writing fic somewhere out there. Probably about her own book. AWESOME. Seriously though, it does have the same sort of cadence as good fic in current fandom does, and I would not be surprised at all to find out she’s somewhere out there on the AO3. So, yeah, the book is all right so far. I do wish it was less coy with the sex scenes though…

Even though I don’t usually do the meme, it’s Wednesday, so:
What I just read: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, which was pretty good, though it had some rough patches, and it had the potential to be great, which wasn’t quite fulfilled. Basically, it had such a cool plot, tarnished by the boring white dudes chosen to be narrator and villain.
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So you should all do yourselves a favor and watch In the Flesh, for it is lovely and amazing and deep and funny and has great music. I mean, it has zombies, human defense militias, complicated politics, a queer main character, cuckoo undead prophets, sleepy English town drama and adorable Northern accents, what else could you want?

Crossing my fingers and toes and dunno what else for it to get a third season. ♥

Also, dude playing Kieren has the most awesome huge eyes ever, I seriously thought they had him on those extra big iris japanese contacts at first! So he's super cute, and I spent pretty much every scene with Maxine in it thinking 'goddamn, this woman is so gorgeous'. All the shows for her.
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Went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel on Friday and it was absolutely charming and adorable and funny and amazing. So recommended.
On Saturday I saw Godzilla, which was… ok. Mostly it made me wanna watch Pacific Rim again, so I did. Ah, Pacific Rim. So awesome. So exciting. ♥

Anyway, so, Godzilla - the monster bits were cool enough that i didn’t feel cheated (that first glimpse at Godzilla was so rad), but all of the human bits were so boring. Also, all they made Ken Watanabe do was look around confused. So, so confused. Poor Ken Watanabe.

Then again, I have a massive soft stop for the 90s movie. So bad. So good.
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I read this fic yesterday and it just about broke me. Fucking hell, this is so damn gorgeous and well written. READ IT. NOW.

(Bucky/Steve, It's harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home.)

The movie is getting a bunch of well-deserved praise, but the OST is going sadly ignored - it’s such a lovely, well-fitting score. I’ve been listening to it a bunch on spotify. Keep Henry Jackman for Cap, please. Now they just have to hire Ramin Djawadi for Iron Man again (that first movie score was brilliant) and we’ll be set.

We moved to a new office on Friday and it’s all been exhausting. I mean, both the moving and the settling down again too, but mostly the fact that my computer broke or something in the move and while it’s getting fixed I have to repeat all of my files and lost a lot of work I’d already started on that had to be handed in today. So yesterday was crazy busy. But! The work puppy seems to be enjoying the new space to roam!

*That’s from the old office. I haven’t actually taken a photo of the dog roaming the new patio yet. This is false advertisement, I know.
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I finally got to see Captain America, I loved it and can't wait to go watch it again! Natasha wins everything, and the expected Steve/Bucky reunion didn’t disappoint, and then oh, my heart, that last scene after the credits! So pumped up for fic now :D

I read Divergent on Sunday, because despite knowing that I tend to be disappointed by YA*, I saw the trailer and was interested. I mean, it was all right, but I get tired of the first person ‘oh i’m such a special snowflake’ narrative. Show, don’t tell. But really there’s such a huge suspension of disbelief with these dystopias - there’s no way that people would allow the systematic murder of their children on tv for almost a century, or that people would split themselves into who likes being friends and who likes to get piercings. That’s not how the real world works. The Handmaiden’s Tale, for example, is also quite hard to believe being allowed to happen (although it’s sadly more possible), but of course Margaret Atwood is Margaret Atwood and at least within the novel it feels very plausible in a visceral way.

I was - or still am, I supposed - reading the Veronica Mars novel, but out of nowhere, BAM, Mexican cartels. I see enough of that shit in real life, thanks, so I’ve sort of put it down for now. Veronica Mars just works better as a visual medium, anyway.

*It’s not so much the genre or the weird trends, but the dry writing and easy plots that usually let me down. They’re teenagers, not dumb. They can stand some pretty writing in their books.
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Have you guys been following Kate Beaton's new sketch comic, Ducks, Ducks, Ducks?

I thought it was really beautiful, in a sad, quietly despairing way. It's really powerful for a sketchy comic about day to day life.
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I finally watched the Veronica Mars movie! ♥
Sure, it had its flaws, and of course it would've worked better as a miniseries, but I seriously spent the entire thing being utterly charmed, wringing my hands and making dying whale 'eeeeeeeeeehhhh' sounds of excitement, so I honestly do not care. Oh, Veronica, I'd missed you.

I hadn't heard about the canon books, and whrn I saw the first one is out tomorrow i clicked buy so fast it was dizzying. Yay, more Mars Investigations!
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Okay, today's Dinosaur Comics WINS AT LIFE. :D

In other news, I started taking a web design course this weekend, 5 hours each day. On the one hand, NO MORE IGNORANCE FOR ME! on the other, ow, my head, too much new knowledge overload. But hey, work paid for it so what the hell! I was able to do a horrible page with three divs in varying degrees of tacky colors with a cat picture in the middle! Yay! My goal should totally be learning to code the adult cat finder from the unimpressed cats tumblr.

I read American Elsewhere last week, and it was so fucking good. Lovecraftian monsters! Creepy little towns! Amazing ladies that will find out what’s going out damn it and none of this but-we’re-so-normal-crap! Creepy labs! In all, it was hard to put down and it has lovely writing. Just like [personal profile] ignipes said, it’s what Welcome to Night Vale would be if it was actually creepy instead of just adoringly charming.

And this week I've been catching up with Nine Eleven Ten*, since I was about 10 chapters behind. Fuck but this thing is good. Just as gripping and well written as I remembered. At this pace it probably won't be finished until ages after the new x-men film, but I don't care as long as it's properly finished. Crossing my fingers!

*I meant to link but Ao3 seems to be acting up at the moment. Anyway, if you were ever in the XMFC fandom, you've read it. Or at least heard of it.
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Today I went to see Almodóvar's new film, Los Amantes Pasajeros*, it was so good! I seriously hadn't seen such a funny film in a while, the entire theater was in stitches. It was crass, surreal and wildly inappropiate, and it had amazing Almodóvar trademark dialogue. I do love me my 'strangers trapped together' plots. It's most definitely not his best work, but his last films were so serious that it was a nice break. I do wonder how it'll stand to translation!

* The title can be translated both as 'The brief (or passing) lovers' and 'the loving passengers'. I love how good writers can play with Spanish so. Shakira too used to do amazing things with language shrouded in pop music, but she kinda stopped when she went massive. 'Espero que no esperes que te espere después de mis veintiseis' still makes sigh all satisfied.


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