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I was thinking the other day on how much I love Girl!Tony/Steve, you know, as you do. It's just - Tony as a girl would leave Steve speechless with lust, poof, just like that, immediatly. She would be exactly his type! (domineering, smart, capable, powerful and slightly dangerous), not to say Guy!Tony isn't (see also: Bucky), but it'd probably take Steve a bit more to really get his act together. With Tony as a girl though? INSTANT SPARK.

They'd still fight lots, but he'd get a huge, horribly embarassing crush straight away, and it would be blindingly obvious to everyone but Tony, which of course would make her flirt even harder, because why the hell not, and the pressure would grow and grow and grow until they finally crash together after battling doombots or whatever, sweaty and high with adrenaline and kissing so hard it bruises, and they would end up having almost painful and reckless sex on top of one of the tables on Tony's workshop, surrounded by pieces of their costumes. Steve would be mortified afterwards, though it wouldn't last long at all because Tony would just sort of be lying there saying oh my god we must do that again, Jesus Christ, Steve, that was way too good for a virgin, you've probably been lying to us all, come on, come back, alright,

And then they would do it again. And again, until the rest of the team gets sick of it and make Jarvis turn on the sprinklers because goddamnit they want to sleep, okay?

And then Steve and Tony have really wet sex. And no one gets any sleep, the end.
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I have so many Steve FEEEEELS. He's just. So lovely, you know? and goofy and silly and so very, very brave. I do sort of dislike it when he's portrayed as an insufferable goody-two-shoes in fic though. One of the bits of the movie that I though represented him so well was him bitching about hacking into the government, completely outraged, and then immediately going and breaking into the restricted weapons area because, sometimes, Steve can be such a sneaky, mouthy, curious little shit. And that's just how I like him :3 Oh, I just feel like giving Steve all the hugs. Especially in the movieverse, when he's so lost and alone. In the comics, he's at least had a good ten years of close friends and time to adjust and Avengers, and he's not nearly as naive and sweet as recently thawed Capsicle.

It's like, you know how people always tend to fall over themselves for the villain or the bad boys - me, I swoon for the good guys. Give me an upstanding moral character and I'll swoon! So vanilla of me, I know.

It's no coincidence that my boy is such a smart, good guy that honest to god frets because his local council's website won't let him pay his taxes and that gets super annoyed when people don't recycle. Sometimes it might be a bit much, but I still love him for it.

I even adore Tony Stark for his innate goodness, despite it being buried under layers and layers of smarm and charm XD and that's why I adore Matt Murdock as well, even though his layers and layers over it are of emo and angst an man-pain.

And anyway, it doesn't hurt that Chris Evans is pretty much exactly fits my physical type. Well, i usually like them with a lot less muscle, but on him? Mmm, big and broad is a good look on him.

*and so, the rampant Loki love. I really like Loki and find him complex and interesting, but a woobie, he is not. I don't deny that those qualities are sometimes more interesting to read about, but I don't quite get the hand-waving forgiveness he gets for everything.
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SO, I read this Steve/Tony fic a couple of weeks ago and now for the life of me I can't remember the title/who wrote/much about it and it's driving me nuts that for some reason I didn't save it anywhere.

It had Steve and Tony still sniping at each other, and at some point Tony wanders into the kitchen not being able to sleep and Steve does this expression - and I really remember that bit because I loved that - of 'oh, it's you' when he sees Tony coming.

Er, any ideas?

In somewhat similar news, I went to see Avengers again last week and after waiting for ages to watch the second extra bit they TURNED THE MOVIE OFF halfway through the credits. ARGHHHH. So I STILL haven't seen that scene >:/

I am also behing on EVERYTHING. Every single show I watch? Behind. So much. Argh again indeed.


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