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2014-10-13 09:20 pm

Oh, the pining

I wrote a thing! I wrote a LONG thing actually, and it is Steve/Bucky and it involves practice kissing and Bucky pining like an idiot and them making out during wartime. Yay!

400 words more and it would've been the longest thing I've ever written! Alas, it capped at 11,000 words. Of PINING.

And it’s just. It’s too much. Weeks of pain and months of missing Steve and his mouth and the stupid shit that comes out of it; years of molding himself to his back at night and pretending there’s nothing else to it apart from sharing warmth; a decade of his stomach twisting with the foolish desire to make Steve laugh.

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2014-09-08 10:24 pm


Heeeey, so, me and [ profile] notallbees, the artist formerly known as [profile] sazzlette, wrote a thing!

12,400 words of Steve and Bucky kissing accidentally until it's no longer accidental, in fact. <3 it was loads and loads of fun, and the first time i've written anything in like three or four years.

Bucky turns toward him, sliding his hand onto Steve’s hip as he mutters a lazy “G’night” and presses a soft kiss to the corner of Steve’s mouth. It takes him by surprise, and he barely has time to register Bucky’s half-closed eyes and the warmth of whiskey-ripe breath on his lips, before it’s over.

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2014-07-25 11:52 am
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Started reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I’ve heard… conflicting reviews about this. My Harry Potter and Peter Grant deprived head wants more magic books, but I’m 50 pages in and I already hate the stupid douchebag of a protagonist. Oh god I’m a well-off white male teenager being offered a ride to Princeton and everyone friendzones me! I’m so very, very unhappy! Eh. I’ll see if it gets better.

It has recently come to my attention that all of Marvel’s Chrises (plus one Chris Pine) are all Christophers. Is Christian as a name not popular in English-speaking countries then? Because my Mexican brain didn’t even think of Christopher as a possibility.

And so the week of wanting to be in Comic-Con and definitely not being in Comic-Con begins. SIGH. But hey, we’re finishing work earlier to do choripanes! Because - just because, it seems. And it’s not like I’m gonna oppose having argentinean bbqs instead of working.
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2012-06-22 10:36 pm


I was thinking the other day on how much I love Girl!Tony/Steve, you know, as you do. It's just - Tony as a girl would leave Steve speechless with lust, poof, just like that, immediatly. She would be exactly his type! (domineering, smart, capable, powerful and slightly dangerous), not to say Guy!Tony isn't (see also: Bucky), but it'd probably take Steve a bit more to really get his act together. With Tony as a girl though? INSTANT SPARK.

They'd still fight lots, but he'd get a huge, horribly embarassing crush straight away, and it would be blindingly obvious to everyone but Tony, which of course would make her flirt even harder, because why the hell not, and the pressure would grow and grow and grow until they finally crash together after battling doombots or whatever, sweaty and high with adrenaline and kissing so hard it bruises, and they would end up having almost painful and reckless sex on top of one of the tables on Tony's workshop, surrounded by pieces of their costumes. Steve would be mortified afterwards, though it wouldn't last long at all because Tony would just sort of be lying there saying oh my god we must do that again, Jesus Christ, Steve, that was way too good for a virgin, you've probably been lying to us all, come on, come back, alright,

And then they would do it again. And again, until the rest of the team gets sick of it and make Jarvis turn on the sprinklers because goddamnit they want to sleep, okay?

And then Steve and Tony have really wet sex. And no one gets any sleep, the end.
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2012-06-14 10:08 am

I'm so sweet on Steve it's actually sad

I have so many Steve FEEEEELS. He's just. So lovely, you know? and goofy and silly and so very, very brave. I do sort of dislike it when he's portrayed as an insufferable goody-two-shoes in fic though. One of the bits of the movie that I though represented him so well was him bitching about hacking into the government, completely outraged, and then immediately going and breaking into the restricted weapons area because, sometimes, Steve can be such a sneaky, mouthy, curious little shit. And that's just how I like him :3 Oh, I just feel like giving Steve all the hugs. Especially in the movieverse, when he's so lost and alone. In the comics, he's at least had a good ten years of close friends and time to adjust and Avengers, and he's not nearly as naive and sweet as recently thawed Capsicle.

It's like, you know how people always tend to fall over themselves for the villain or the bad boys - me, I swoon for the good guys. Give me an upstanding moral character and I'll swoon! So vanilla of me, I know.

It's no coincidence that my boy is such a smart, good guy that honest to god frets because his local council's website won't let him pay his taxes and that gets super annoyed when people don't recycle. Sometimes it might be a bit much, but I still love him for it.

I even adore Tony Stark for his innate goodness, despite it being buried under layers and layers of smarm and charm XD and that's why I adore Matt Murdock as well, even though his layers and layers over it are of emo and angst an man-pain.

And anyway, it doesn't hurt that Chris Evans is pretty much exactly fits my physical type. Well, i usually like them with a lot less muscle, but on him? Mmm, big and broad is a good look on him.

*and so, the rampant Loki love. I really like Loki and find him complex and interesting, but a woobie, he is not. I don't deny that those qualities are sometimes more interesting to read about, but I don't quite get the hand-waving forgiveness he gets for everything.
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2012-05-01 07:36 pm

How soon is too soon to watch it again?



I was fully expecting going out craving all the Tony/Steve fic and all the Loki creepy fic, but apart from that now I want ALL THE NATASHA FIC. ALL OF IT. NOW. And Tony/Pepper, too. In fact, just give me ALL the fic, yeah?

And now I'm only using tumblr savior for One Direction now! (I'm not quite sure who or what One Direction is, but all my insticts say I don't really want to know, so.)
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2012-04-15 11:02 pm

So at least the HYDRA agents weren't wearing green jumpsuits? thank god for small mercies, I guess

Game of Thrones 2x03 - What Is Dead May Never Die: )

Also, I finally watched Captain America! Oh STEEEVE. OH PEGGYYYY. ♥ They were adorable. For a period movie, it was oddly sci-fi-y, and the resolution was a bit awkward, but overall I quite liked it, and it got me well and pumped up for the Avengers.

Steve's so young in this, though, oh baby. I'm used to comics!Cap, with more than a decade of leading the avengers, and he looks so tender and lost in this. Aw. As much as I liked the actress playing Peggy I really hope they won't go and turn her into Sharon Carter, because I always found that beyond creepy in the comics. If Sharon comes along, make her a bit different at least. It WAS sort of hilarious that time they just drew a Sharon look alike, and to mark that Peggy was fighting with the French resistence, all they did was draw a beret on her head, lol. Instant Frenchness!