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well tumblr has exploded and it's a right blast from the past to end out here. hooray?

would be so okay with fandom coming back home here though, so here's hoping for more years of fic, bad television, good meta of bad television and hopefully less purity policing.
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I wrote a thing! I wrote a LONG thing actually, and it is Steve/Bucky and it involves practice kissing and Bucky pining like an idiot and them making out during wartime. Yay!

400 words more and it would've been the longest thing I've ever written! Alas, it capped at 11,000 words. Of PINING.

And it’s just. It’s too much. Weeks of pain and months of missing Steve and his mouth and the stupid shit that comes out of it; years of molding himself to his back at night and pretending there’s nothing else to it apart from sharing warmth; a decade of his stomach twisting with the foolish desire to make Steve laugh.

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You know you're in Japan when: you see a lady on a bicycle with her CAT wearing GOGGLES and a HAT sitting on the basket, pleased as you like. asdfghfsa so awesome
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Heeeey, so, me and [ profile] notallbees, the artist formerly known as [profile] sazzlette, wrote a thing!

12,400 words of Steve and Bucky kissing accidentally until it's no longer accidental, in fact. <3 it was loads and loads of fun, and the first time i've written anything in like three or four years.

Bucky turns toward him, sliding his hand onto Steve’s hip as he mutters a lazy “G’night” and presses a soft kiss to the corner of Steve’s mouth. It takes him by surprise, and he barely has time to register Bucky’s half-closed eyes and the warmth of whiskey-ripe breath on his lips, before it’s over.

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Started reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I’ve heard… conflicting reviews about this. My Harry Potter and Peter Grant deprived head wants more magic books, but I’m 50 pages in and I already hate the stupid douchebag of a protagonist. Oh god I’m a well-off white male teenager being offered a ride to Princeton and everyone friendzones me! I’m so very, very unhappy! Eh. I’ll see if it gets better.

It has recently come to my attention that all of Marvel’s Chrises (plus one Chris Pine) are all Christophers. Is Christian as a name not popular in English-speaking countries then? Because my Mexican brain didn’t even think of Christopher as a possibility.

And so the week of wanting to be in Comic-Con and definitely not being in Comic-Con begins. SIGH. But hey, we’re finishing work earlier to do choripanes! Because - just because, it seems. And it’s not like I’m gonna oppose having argentinean bbqs instead of working.
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I reached episode 7 of Hemlock Grove season 1 yesterday, and I’m SO PISSED OFF.

spoilers. Horrible, horrible spoilers. )
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Going through the Dashcon tag seriously gave me life this weekend, and gave me hardcore flashbacks to the wanky days of fandom of novel-length BNF exposés. SIGH. I think the fantastically sad ball pit was the best part. I mean. IT DEFLATED. Hee.

I do feel bad for all the conned con goers (heh), especially as most of them seem to be kids, but god, did I laugh and laugh and laugh. BALL PIT. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET. XD

So the World Cup is over and while for the main part I don’t give a damn about football, I really like the excitement, atmosphere and craziness around it, so it’s a cool time. One of my bosses and my creative director are argentinean, so they’re sort of shuffling around today and refusing to talk about it, lol.


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