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Short story time! A translation should be coming to a theatre LJ near you, uh, sometime in the next few days. Because I am lazy, yes. Anyway, for all that I spent ages writing it (I only wrote it during school, at a rate of like, 500 meager words per week, lol), I'm sort of fond of this one, especially because I hadn't allowed myself to sound so mexican in my writing in, oh, ages. Also present is my blantant love for repetition, haha.

Original - 2373 palabras
Cuando logran escaparse, la capota del convertible del ’84 abajo y 200 mil dólares en billetes chicos en el asiento trasero, parece casi mentira.

Lara se ríe, no ha dejado de reírse desde que salieron a carretera. Se suelta el pelo y dice A poco no parezco estrella de Hollywood, y Daniel la besa, una mano en la nuca y manejando a la suerte. )
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I started shaping this up in my head in English, and then I realized it and went 'no, no, bad brain, bad!' I will translate it, but I have to quit writing in English by default - it's bad enough that I use English grammar in dialogue already. *headdesk*

Anyway I liiiike this. So twisted and weird.

Mírate en el espejo
Original - 1577 palabras
Básicamente trata de un tipo bastante enfermo que viaja en el tiempo y termina besandose a si mismo. Er.

Todo empieza cuando resucita a su gato. )
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I baked cupcakes today! Banana cupcakes with pecans and cinnamon and cream cheese frosting, actually. They're really really yummy and, FINALLY, kinda cute! I went a bit overboard with the food coloring, so the frosting is a bit ZOMG YELLOW, but they're still nice. :) YAYZ, especially after last week's fiasco, lol.

I also wrote a bit. Not exactly sure what it is, but I kinda like it. And I'd thought I'd evaded wing-fic. Hee.

Title: SOHW
Word Count: 725
Author Notes: [ profile] zurizip gave me as prompt the title of a story she'd written, 'The Softness of his Wings', but I felt weird about using someone else's title, so. Acronym it is. Also written with [ profile] lilian_cho's prompt: Delusional.

Sus alas se vuelven incómodas al tercer día.  )

And in English.
His wings become uncomfortable on the third day. )
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¡Gente! [ profile] mellafe y yo nos unímos para crear un comunidad de LJ exclusivamente dedicada a críticas de películas, viendo que las dos somos cinéfilas obsesivas.

Sé que no tengo tanta gente que hable español en mi flist (ya sé, ya sé, es una verdadera tragedia), así que si los pocos que si hablan el idioma pudieran pimpear la comm por aquí y allá y acullá, pues les estaríamos agradecidas. :)

Y ahora sin más palabrería, ¡vayan y únanse!

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GUYS. Does anyone know where I could find Spanish subtitles for Blink? I really want my mom to watch it, because even if I tried (and failed) to convert her into Who-ism, that ep would be right up her alley (her being a sucker for all things scary), but she doesn't speak English very well.

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I'm... ambivalent about this one. Now that I've finished it, though, I'm certain of sending Chromatic Circle to the short story contest. It's just much more rounded as a story. *shrug* Anyway, this is the story about the girl that looses her reflection. I should be translating it to English in a bit.

Título: Géminis
Número de palabras: 1000
Notas: Inspirado por un libro que me gustaba mucho de chica, A Pack of Lies (o Una Sarta de Mentiras, que es como siempre lo recuerdo) de Geraldine McCaughrean. Técnicamente no es un libro de horror, pero me acuerdo que si me asustó bastante cuando tenía unos diez.

Está lloviendo cuando Alina pierde su reflejo. )
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You know, for all that this is bizarre as fuck, I really do like this story, it's cool in its own way, and I'd certainly never written anything like it before (being the realism bitch that I am, lol). I'll probably translat it in a bit, it's pretty short, after all.

Title: Círculo Cromático
Word Count: 876
Summary: The end is nigh. No one seems particularly surprised.
Author Notes: This is somewhat like magical realism? And/or surrealism? An alternative title was Dalí, after all.

El fin del mundo se retrasa al final de tu calle... )
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So, I went to see OotP yesterday at midnight, which was was all kinds of fun and I learned some distressing news about uni and you'll hear more about it in a while but for now, yay, I finished the short story yesterday! So posting right now and I will try and translate it because this story very much wanted to write itself in English but I put my foot down and said no very strictly, lol.

I don't know what's up with me writing all this romance stuff in original stories, I didn't use to be like thiiiiis, what's wrong with me? ;__;

Título: Mitomanía
Número de Palabras: 3700
Reseña: Te lo encuentras siete veces en dos años. Se presenta con un nombre nuevo cada vez.

La primera vez que lo ves él es un Barón y tu eres una debutante preocupada por la mancha en tus guantes blancos. )
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Alguien sabe si vale la pena el nuevo disco de Miranda! ? (ya sé, ya sé, bastante lejos de mis gustos musicales usuales, pero me ponen de buen humor, así que no importa).

El primer cd es la onda personalizada (y es lindo saber que como cinco personas conocemos ese cd aquí en México, har har), pero el segundo casi no me gustó, se oyo pero super vendido. El primer sencillo que tu digas no me encantó, pero estoy dispuesta a darle una oportunidad.

Así que que hago, mi querida flist, ¿me lo debería comprar?

haha, I ran this post through LJ's grammar check just for kicks and everything was red XD
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Aw, I didn't win anything in the Laifchurnal Aguards (the Spanish version of the LJ awards). ;___; Not surprising, considering that I never post in Spanish, and like, seven people in my flist speak the language XD I should probably join more comms in Spanish, folks over there seem awfully nice and fandom seems to be very united.

In other news, I really dig that show, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Street food says so much about a culture and its people, and it's fascinating to see the real country, whichever it might be. Anthony Bourdain is alway awesome because he'll eat ANYTHING. And I do mean ANYTHING and he'll still like it. in which I ramble a lot about Mexican food and drinks and whatnot. )

And since this entry has been pretty Spanish content-heavy, it's only fair that I finish it with a rec:

I finished reading El Beso de la Mujer Araña (The spider woman's kiss)by Manuel Puig about a week ago, and loved it to death. It's very tragic but very real, told almost entirely in dialogue about Valentín and Molina, two cellmates and the bond that develops between tham as they try and keep hope alive. It was just lovely. The 'accent' put me off at first a bit, but I got the hang of it by the end. For example, déjame is pronounced dejame in Argentina, and therefore, instead of being an esdrújula word it's a grave one and it can't be accentuated. It's just cultural differences, it doesn't mean either one of them is wrong. ANYWAY, read it, it's wonderful.
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